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From: Linda Tremer

Dear Frustrated Marketer:

You see, there is no such thing as "autopilot riches".

However, there IS a tried and true, step by step way of building a sustainable online business

- it isn't just theory - it works.

But I didn’t know that when I started.

You see, when I got started online, there were tons of material available on how to build a business online, just like there is today - and just like today, it was really frustrating because you could buy one manual that would tell you one thing, another that would tell you something else, and still another with another foolproof way to build your business.

Isn't that frustrating?

Have you experienced that, where you buy material to learn something, and you don't quite get it, so you buy something else...and it doesn't really help???

In fact, you might even have an "aha" moment where it all makes sense...but when you go to apply it to your simply get stuck?

I know how that feels, because I felt that way a lot my first years in business.

In fact, I often felt like I was spinning my wheels, trying out program after program, trying to find the solution that was going to get me out of the hole.

And after buying program after program, it always felt like something was missing, like I was only getting a part of the picture.

You ever feel like that?

I can tell you this, it wasn't easy learning how to do all the right things to make the money come in.

And I had to work hard not just to build my business that first year, but also to figure it all out...what has to happen to create consistent income online.

I wanted to create a complete training program that would literally give you a step by step blueprint for building your own business, without having to go through all the trial and error.

And trust me, it wasn't easy to create.

And the reason is, that there are so many "parts" to do in an online business, that it is hard to know what teach first, second, and so on.

And perhaps you have bought trainings in the past that felt like that. They just weren't organized. They didn't have the right things in the right order. And that happens a lot.

So in the process of creating training materials to teach you how to create a sustainable business online...

check23 We took out the frustration of the hit or miss of an online business.

check23 We give you a clearly defined path to success.


You will learn how to go from not making money to....  making a consistent income with a sustainable online business that will produce income for you for years to come.

But now I have decided I simply want to give back...back to you, as you are getting started building YOUR online business, and GIVE you some of my very strongest trainings,

To teach you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it to build a sustainable business online.

But I also want you to have access to long term continued training, so that you don't just get a fast start, but then you don't have the support you need to continue your progress.

Has that ever happened to bought a training program, and you learned a lot the first couple of months...but then a few months in, you got stuck on something...and there was no additional teaching or support to get you through it?

And then you ultimately gave up?

Perhaps that's why you are reading this...because you are looking for a complete solution, a solution that will continue to teach you after the first few months, or the first few trainings.

So here is what I have decided....

I want to GIVE you my very best trainings online, my cornerstone COMPLETE CORE TRAINING for building a sustainable online business, teaching you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Then, in addition, each month, you will receive a brand new training to study, to keep you on track, to keep you growing your business step by step, month after month, until you get it to the  level of income you want. Be it 5 figures or 6 figures.

Here is what you get:

Rather than drip the fundamentals to you over weeks.

You get immediate access to:

check23 The Core Training - that teaches you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it to build a profitable, sustainable online business.  How to bring in consistent income day after day, year after year.

check23 Cutting Edge Training - this is training that will teach you what is working RIGHT NOW online.

check23 Technology Training - some of training necessary to get your website up and running.

In addition every month you will receive:

check23 Monthly Trainings - to propel your business to the next level... these go far beyond foundational material, and teach you how to take it to "the next level" online.

Once you have the foundations in place you will want to add, and bolt on more sales opportunities.

check23 And periodically we will host Q & A teleseminars.

check23 And surprise bonuses.

Think of how much you could achieve if you had regular access to these awesome and beneficial trainings.


Bonus #1 - The 9 video course Rapid Lead Magnet


Bonus #2 - The 6K Formula  (5 videos)


Bonus #3 - The PDF How to Build a Sustainable Internet Business

What if you had access each month to the secrets that would help your business grow.

The trainings may come in many different forms:

  • Videos
  • Audio Recordings
  • PDFs
  • Action Guides
  • Swipe Files
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Special Reports
  • And many more.

The formula I teach has worked for me and millions of successful online marketers.  It is designed so you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

So what does the Consistent Income Academy mean for you?

You will be secure and confident in your ability to make money online day after day, year after year.

Because you have built a sustainable online business.

After your foundation is built you can keep growing with the monthly trainings.

Adding more and more to your business so that it grows and grows.

You might be asking what is the price for all of this.

For only $19.95 per month you can have the core trainings, the technology trainings and the monthly trainings, the periodic Q & A teleseminars and the surprise bonuses.

If we charged any less we would be giving it away. For less than a couple of cups of coffee you can have the security and consistent income you’ve always wanted.

Would You Like to Be Able To....

other10 Control your own life.

other10 Create your own business.

other10 Create a consistent sustainable income.

other10 Work when you want and how often you want.

 Let me ask you this...

if you were to apply all my information in your business, and you were to start making real money would be a no-brainer to continue to let me help you grow your business to bigger and bigger levels, wouldn't it?

"The Consistent Income Academy is about giving you the freedom to live the life you want...

To wake up every morning and do what you want, when you want."

Learn how to build your own stable, reliable income.  Built on a solid, stable foundation.

There's absolutely no risk see our guarantee.  Let's start working together, today.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Most people struggle with building an online business that will consistently generate income. Or, even worst, make simple mistakes that prevent their future success.

The CONSISTENT INCOME ACADEMY takes away the worry and guesswork.

You can have your business up and share it with the world with complete confidence and positive pride!

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Linda Tremer

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